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Ana Jimenez Palomar

The Tropel Kids story starts, like many others, during lockdown; when I taught myself how to sew. I needed an escape from the madness swirling around us, and what better way to do this than by learning how to stitch up some joy?

As a mom of two (back then) preschoolers, I quickly became the resident fashion designer of the household. With a background in industrial and furniture design, my brain was wired to think in bold three dimensional shapes and vibrant hues. This led to my sewing machine becoming a portal to a world where furniture met fashion and I loved it. 

Then one day, while eating at a restaurant with a friend and my two children, both dressed in Tropel Kids designs, a lady at the neighbouring table complimented their outfits. "I really like what your children are wearing," she said, admiringly. My heart swelled with pride, and then she added, "It’s so nice that you let them dress up in fancy dress to go out." I chuckled to myself and replied, "Thank you," amused by her interpretation of my creations.

This encounter sparked an idea: Why shouldn’t all children feel free to wear “fancy dress” whenever they want? And so, Tropel Kids was born—a children's fashion brand dedicated to making everyday feel extraordinary.

At Tropel Kids, we create garments that are not only statement pieces but also incredibly comfortable and easy to wear every day. Each piece is carefully designed to celebrate individuality and creativity, ensuring that children can explore and express themselves freely.

We are committed to ensuring top-notch quality. All our garments are manufactured in the UK, using cotton fabrics also made in the UK. This dedication to local production ensures that our clothes are of the highest standard and made with care.

So, whether your kiddo is climbing trees in the backyard or strutting their stuff on the playground, they'll do it in style – and maybe even with a sprinkle of humor, courtesy of Tropel Kids. After all, life's too short for boring beige clothes, don't you think?

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