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Ana Jimenez Palomar

The Tropel Kids story began in lockdown, where I discovered the joy of sewing as a way to escape the chaos. With a background in design, I naturally gravitated towards creating bold and vibrant pieces for my two preschoolers.

One day, while dining out with them dressed in my designs, a lady admired their outfits, mistaking them for fancy dress. This amusing encounter sparked the idea for Tropel Kids—a brand dedicated to making every day feel extraordinary.

Our garments blend statement style with comfort, designed to let kids express themselves freely. Made in the UK from locally sourced cotton fabrics, quality and care are our top priorities.


So, whether your little one is climbing trees or ruling the playground, they'll do it in style—and maybe even with a touch of humor from Tropel Kids. Because life's just too short for boring beige clothes, right?

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